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FUN AUTHOR SITE OF THE PSYCHIC & SUPERNATURAL ARE YOU A GRAPHIC ARTIST  ABLE TO CREATE A GRAPHIC BOOK? Current Satirical Political Jokes by ME Watch out for these future events........ Can you read the Toon Tarot cards? Have you joined the lodge of metaphysical thinkers? Make 3D posters on your own desk top publisher Learn to think like a mystic Author of the unusual UNUSUAL NEWS ITEMS USE YOUR BACKLINK TO RETURN HERE Everyone can read the simple Tarot cards - It’s  your mind that pieces the information together. See how easy it really is. It is easy to follow the instructions On how to create your own 3D posters. Do you think differently to other people? Are you interested in the supernatural and paranormal? Can you not come to terms with our fragmented history?
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For Information on Jim Long Books and to buy.... Future News Headlines That might happen 3 items New Scottish City plus Unfair Council tax. Hi, Welcome to my author site to brouse awhile.Try the future virtual headlines. ASTOUNDING NEW NON-FICTION Is Santa Claus a GOD? Holy Spirit converts to quantum essence Is death the end  of existence? All Interest Books EU Borders Controlled Science fiction fantasy uk Science fiction fantasy
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A trip to the future changed   my perception of life. It’s all in here. NEW UPDATED EBOOK-BUY NOW- INSTANT  DOWNLOAD -  ONLY £0.99p £0.99p PayPal: Buy Psychic Thinker-ebook

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED...What is the FUTURE of humankind?

..Is there an afterlife existence?

What is the meaning of physical and spiritual existence?

…..Do you have the sixth sense?

Have you explored the real you?

Are you responsible for your memories and actions?

Can you experience spiritual elation by doing a certain thing?

Are psychics' responsible people?

Is the philosophy of Atlantis possible?

Is there a double you - physical and mental?

Try some psychic tests……

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