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Update 16-MAR-2018 .co.uk The future is arriving faster than you think and it’s all  contained in these Books.       FICTION - the Jim Long Space Agent Series. NON FICTION - Magical Theory of Life  and  The Psychic Thinker. Go to POINTS of INTEREST PAGE WW3 is it tue? Wasted Votes Strange Boeing 787 Afterlife experience Predictions Brexit Go to ROB’s BANTER VIDEOS The TOON TAROT READING CARDS (Video) The BUMPER GAG BOOK (Video) Note: The free Adobe reader is available on a download to read all of these books. Pick your fiction/non fiction NOW below Read this book in episodes - 1st two FREE Your FREE science fiction fantasy 1st episode PDF plus handbook PDF  and Audio Podcast of Episode 1

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In both fiction and nonfiction do you like to discover and ask questions of life and existence in a burning desire to know. Why are we here? What are we doing? Why is life so short and time so long? Can humankind reach the edges of the universe? Can we travel in thought? Has religion retarded our existence? Why is our history so fragmented and unreal? The premise of our life is explored in both fiction and non fiction. The extrasensory part of me has given spectacular profound answers slowly being revealed. Do you get fired up and wish to know more? The stunning answers are out there somewhere, and we all should be asking. New non fiction MAGICAL THEORY OF LIFE tries to explain some of these things.

In fiction, let me present Jim Long space agent. The stories encompass fabulous adventures in a series of stand-alone stories in 7 spellbinding, stimulating books including one as an episodic creation. Jim stirs the imagination travelling physically in space and spirit form in a mirror body moving into the vast realms of the astral and other dimensions of space and time. There are two free episodes to download.

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I want to tell you why I believe there is a quantum essence contained in all human brains an invisible substance that cannot yet be seen. Something I have known since 1964 after a trip to the future to see an RAF Shackleton from Kinloss, Scotland crash without loss of life. The world needs to know this now to give hope to all who are spiritual, not religious but a rare gift given to me of a difficult and stressful event. The proof to me that there is far more to our lives than just a physical existence. SEE THIS NOW!!

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Out in space - out of the body; a space agent and crew investigate an escalating spiritual crisis threatening physical and ethereal existence. Their encounters include a planet of science and religion with a strange mixture of mathematics and metaphysical philosophy, also the visitation to an advanced human race that vibrates their bodies into energy leading to the Book of spiritual destiny and an ancient hermit evolved from a race of giants. The terrible cloud of unlife unleashes a phantasmal portal into a seemingly inevitable collision destroying both ethereal and physical. Jim risks physical disintegration in a fantastic journey to the edge of all existence – will he return?

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