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Update 16-NOV-2017 .co.uk FUTURE FICTION and NON FICTION The future is arriving faster than you think and it’s all contained in these  Books.       FICTION - the Jim Long Space Agent Series. NON FICTION - Magical Theory of Life and  The Psychic Thinker. A quick summary to help you decide what to read Are you interested in science fiction fantasy? Are you interested in non fiction -  A History of Humankind Past and Future? Then go to ALL INTEREST BOOKS Non Fiction  - Magical Theory of LIfe........ Review - New Star Trek on Netflix....... Go to POINTS of INTEREST PAGE WW3 is it tue? Wasted Votes Strange Boeing 787 Afterlife experience Predictions Brexit Go to ROB’s BANTER VIDEOS The TOON TAROT READING CARDS (Video) The BUMPER GAG BOOK (Video)

I'd just had a pint in the pub with Albert, and I was trying to explain my theory of the quantum essence contained in the brain and minds of everyone that once took me into the future. He was so understanding and told me to SHOVE OFF as new quantum mathematics are putting a hole in his theories. I told him that Jim Long space agent is incorporating the quantum theories in my stories. He smiled as I got him in an arm lock to show him the way.

BUY ALL BOOKS FROM AMAZON KINDLE or FROM HERE Then please go to JIM LONG SPACE AGENT Have you ever visited the future? Hello, all you fabulous bookreaders

Life is a mystery even in the future. According to science, the foundations of the universe contain formulas and mathematical patterns creating everyone and everything. Alternatively, theology created the guiding philosophy and ethos of life in the belief of a God presence minus the mathematics. Science is substantial in method while theology supports an insubstantial mental acceptance of validity. Science and faith each have an unknown element in their make-up one called the Holy Spirit and the other quantum theories. Can we believe that indeed they are the same, making the two worlds of the physical and spiritual inexplicably linked?

In science fiction fantasy, the Jim Long space agent series of stories become linked to this premise. The Holy Spirit and quantum theories set us free of our corporeal existence allowing unlimited travel to anywhere. When the human body is unconfined to physicality, in time and space great journeys may begin such as a visit to celestial cities and even the perimeters of the universe.

In non-fiction, the magical theory of life explores with a surveillance of Earths history revealing large fragmented patches of the unknown. Explore the metaphysical regulator in all humans that indicates good and evil. You will find and read the theories of the spiritual world, its structure, and codes. Find your quantum mind with a few simple exercises that anyone can perform and achieve.

We are all heading towards the future and although seemingly free controlled by the financial, corporate and government systems that are gaining momentum and strength. So read on and enjoy future fiction and non-fiction that may suddenly arrive on your doorstep without warning.

A profound message of love to you all. and NONFICTION TO OPEN YOUR MIND LEARN THE GENERAL TRUTH BY READING SCIENCE FICTION FANTASY and NONFICTION TOGETHER OPEN YOUR EYES and SEE THE WONDER Of  CREATION THROUGH the FOG of  REALITY. Note: The free Adobe reader is available on a download to read all of these books.

Science fiction fantasy and non-fiction author Robin G Howard delves into the supernatural incorporating theories and ideas in all his books. Questions should be asked – Why are we here? What are we doing? Why is life so short and time so long? Can we reach the edges of the universe? Is it possible to travel in thought? Have you ever wondered where humankind is heading and for what reason? The big question who or what is God? Is space the final frontier or is there more? To find more answers we need to explore our short history and the future ahead. The psychic forces of humanity are new and enticing and have not as yet been investigated because our knowledge is still limited. In an exploration of these Robin tries to examine all areas in both genres. Come on in and join an expedition into the mind.  

Robin G Howard has, over the past 15 years published seven books in the Jim Long space agent series of science fiction fantasy. These books are all in electronic format including some paperback versions. Also, there are three non-fiction books titled; (The psychic Thinker) and (How to think like a modern mystic) and (Magical theory of life).Before that, he wrote seven professional pantomimes appearing and directing some of them including a full-length Pinocchio musical that had several black light UV scenes that toured 30 theatres including Birmingham Hippodrome (UK). All books available on Amazon Kindle and author site – robinghoward.co.uk