Life is a mystery even in the future. According to science, the foundations of the universe contain formulas and mathematical patterns creating everyone and everything. Alternatively, theology created the guiding philosophy and ethos of life in the belief of a God presence minus the mathematics. Science is substantial in method while theology supports an insubstantial mental acceptance of validity. Science and faith each have an unknown element in their make-up one called the Holy Spirit and the other quantum theories. Can we believe that indeed they are the same, making the two worlds of the physical and spiritual inexplicably linked?

In science fiction fantasy, the Jim Long space agent series of stories become linked to this premise. The Holy Spirit and quantum theories set us free of our corporeal existence allowing unlimited travel to anywhere. When the human body is unconfined to physicality, in time and space great journeys may begin such as a visit to celestial cities and even the perimeters of the universe.

In non-fiction, the magical theory of life explores with a surveillance of Earths history revealing large fragmented patches of the unknown. Explore the metaphysical regulator in all humans that indicates good and evil. You will find and read the theories of the spiritual world, its structure, and codes. Find your quantum mind with a few simple exercises that anyone can perform and achieve.

We are all heading towards the future and although seemingly free controlled by the financial, corporate and government systems that are gaining momentum and strength. So read on and enjoy future fiction and non-fiction that may suddenly arrive on your doorstep without warning.

A profound message of love to you all. From - author site Plus information of  the 7 books in the  series. The Galaxy  Space Police FEDERATION HANDBOOK
Update 3-Jan-2018