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Is human life a three-dimensional mirage? We are all standing in a desert of limited time. We are creatures of energy encased in a physical form. The terrible myths of religion can block all logic and reason, but there is a non-religious answer. That is spiritual evolvement without earthly faith. The human race is on the fringe of discovering a fantastic new existence explaining the reason we are here. It will sweep our worldly God and Gods away forever in the revelation of divine change. The world is approximately four and a half billion years old and history up to 3000 years ago is sparse and fragmented due to the massive time scale. Our lifespan is not even a pinprick on the history map of the world. It is time to take you on an exclusive trip through reality. Life is controlled by unknown forces yet unrecognised, and that is the truth.


Not just another story, but also a guide of something different. The Magical theory of life will test your mind with a flurry of ideas and questions.

These fantastic revelations from Robin G Howard will give you a basis for evaluation and judgement.

But there is more here than you can imagine. Readers will be able to share a few of the astounding situations revealed – a trip to the future and much more.

Here are 5 things you’ll get when you pick up Magical theory of life.

A captivating explanation of how YOU and YOUR Conscience are continually put to the test.

Are YOU in wonderment as to what happens to YOU after physical life has finished?

Listen to the explanation of our flawed history.

Believe the truth of ancient civilisations of ancient astronauts and Gods

Secrets of the mind – a trip to the future.

What you'll learn The perfect length  for your next trip or  quiet weekend  at home

At 152 pages, Magical theory of life will fit right into those lazy afternoons when you’re itching for something to read.

A window into a  fascinating future time  in galaxy history

Readers who visualise the future will enjoy a portrait of what lies ahead in a distant time that offers a welcome escape to another period and place.

Meet the author Robin G Howard

Author Robin G writes both fiction and non-fiction that includes the Jim Long Space Agent series of stand-alone science fiction fantasy stories in seven books revealing the distant future where sections of humankind and aliens have matured spiritually. Also author of the non-fiction ebook - Magical theory of life - discusses our experience, history and its aftermath in non-religious spiritual terms. The Psychic Thinker – Taking a look at ourselves. He lives in Margate, Kent, England.

Can you guess  What the  Distant future holds ?

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There are many mysteries to life and living. View the conditioning in society concerning the human mind and a look at our fragile brief history. The human body’s unseen energy and a distant vision of the future of the human race is perceived. The closed mind is the enemy of life we must question, question, and question again.