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Europe finally decides that certain limits must apply to freedom of movement. The Bureaucrats finally told to behave and stand by for certain limits on free movement. The case of a thousand immigrants arriving in a small village is ludicrous damaging the fragile infrastructure of roads, Schools, Doctors and hospitals. The twenty-seven leaders demand a workable law that should be implemented immediately.


A new City is envisaged In the sprawling undedeveloped regions of Scotland with only an approximate 5 million  population. It will be built over 5 years with a suggested population of over a million. Starting as a town in its centre it will slowly expand outwards into a huge City. Housing will be affordable with both rented and purchased property. The SNP welcome the news of a new City and say that this will be good news for all immigrants. People will be welcome from Europe, Africa, Middle East and all countries in war zones. So stand by for Scotchester who will welcome all immigrants to live and work in its new City.

The burden on the poor of Council Tax is to be investigated and repealed said a government  spokesperson. For too long the poorly paid have been subsidising the wealthy and millionaires. It is ludicrous that those who live in mansions do not pay much more than a person in a one or two bedroom flat. It is a devastating tax on the poor just to have a roof over their heads. In many cases ten-percent of a lower paid income is needed to survive. On this ratio the figures calculated show that someone with a household income of £50K should be paying £5K.