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Robin G Howard


Witnessing a mesmerising future event in the past, author Robin G Howard releases eBook- The part-time psychic and the human soul.


In the 1960s, author Howard in the Royal Air Force, and while in a dream, witnessed a Shackleton aircraft crash-land  on Culloden moor in Scotland. The dream became true 18 months later after being demobbed in 1963. This astounding revelation revealed no loss of life. The amazing incident along with others starting him writing 20 years ago, a series of 8 fiction books based on quantum travel in the future also, several booklets on this subject from a psychic quantum viewpoint.

Howard lives in Kent in the UK, and is the author of the Jim Long Space Agent series of 8 books; plus the Psychic Thinker, and The Magical theory of life. Throughout this lifetime, many other lesser events now attributed to a sixth sense also contributed to the belief of mathematical divinity. The stories are not to question people's faith but to project new ideas and a way of thinking differently from ancient ritualistic theology.

YOU will be AMAZED and GRATIFIED being able to see what nobody has for thousands of years, the hidden quantum science of life and the cosmos. The fiction stories are suitable for anyone with an insatiable imagination from teens to grandparents creating radical thought and ideas.

From that moment he realised that all human minds have this fantastic ability of quantum superposition and should activate it as a part-time psychic. Other events of this lifetime are revealed in the booklets. This is also the psychic preview for author Robin G Howard’s 8 book series of Jim Long’s quantum space agent; plus YOU will not want to miss this explanation of who we are, where we came from, and our purpose.

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