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Robin’s NON-FICTION BOOKS History is too sparse to make sense of going back only 3000 years. Going back further only sees history In fragments. Have you ever thought about which  Dimension you go to after Death?



What will happen to the human race in the Future? Are you the real you? Do you know how others see you? Have you got the sixth sense ability? What is the meaning of physical And spiritual existence? Is there a double you mental and physical? PUBLISHING SOON PUBLISHING SOON IMAGINE YOU WANT TO  FIND YOUR  QUANTUM SELF. WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED  TO IMAGINE  HOW FUTURE  EVENTS ARE REALISED? ….ARE YOU A LITTLE CONFUSED  BY WORLDLY  RELIGIONS, AND  WOULD LIKE TO CREATE YOUR OWN? DOWNLOAD and READ NOW! Now available Loads of gags through several decades BUY NOW



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