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HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED...What is the FUTURE of humankind?

..Is there an afterlife existence?

What is the meaning of physical and spiritual existence?

…..Do you have the sixth sense?

Have you explored the real you?

Are you responsible for your memories and actions?

Can you experience spiritual elation by doing a certain thing?

Are psychics' responsible people?

Is the philosophy of Atlantis possible?

Is there a double you - physical and mental?

Try some psychic tests……

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A modern mystic advocates the young to ask question after question of the Church, the politicians and their policies, and the scientists. There is much to explore and ask. Because of todays lifestyle important items are being missed or overlooked.

We are ruled by elitists in government many living privileged lives with large monetary gain, many not knowing what it is like to live on £10 to £15 thousand a year. Thus, the world is obsessed with a full scale invasion of monetarism. The churches that should give us all hope and inspiration for the future, embroiled, introverted, engaged with its own in-fighting and conflict. The scientists and

newspapers with their own headline agenda’s of the emotive and unaffordable green policies.

A mysterious explanation of how YOU and YOUR

Conscience  are constantly put to the test.


Have you ever wanted to know about YOUR theoretical history of our species?

Sometimes, do YOU wonder what happens to YOU  after physical life has finished?

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