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Mortal fear was a strange emotion. It ravaged the mind. All rational and logical thinking suspended. Imaginative thoughts of bodily destruction superseded all others. Gonkedin had been warned that a government department needed him as a guide. Mortal terror had overcome his placid existence. He knew that guides who worked for the government had a limited lifespan. They rarely outlived their contract.

 Gonkerdin ran down the empty street glancing behind to see if he was being followed. The look of terror frozen on his elongated, gaunt face caused his tall body to be propelled even faster on his long thin legs.

 “Run, run,” he gasped to himself. “I must distance myself from all around me.”

 A large dense forest of balker trees could be seen in the valley below. Small, thick trunks twenty feet high with little space in between. Each tree had heavy green foliage packed around it from the middle to the top, causing the forest to have a green roof effect. His speed on two legs had now reached twenty-five miles an hour and fatigue was beginning to slow down his eight-foot high torso.

 He entered the forest at speed dodging in between the trees swaying his body left and right. He saw a clearing ahead and slowed down in pace as he reached the centre. He stopped and turned creating a dust cloud from his hot feet. Shielding himself behind one of the trunks, he gazed back. His long pointed ears moved independently forward and back. Not a sound could be heard only his heavy breathing. The four lungs in his chest heaved in and out gradually slowing down.  Gonkerdin relaxed. He was no longer being pursued. His small rounded nose twitched several times revealing only the scent of the forest. His large rounded eyes peered into the darker wooded area around him. His ears jerked forward and backward as they picked up the low hum of an antigravity pod. He ran slowly ahead out of the clearing and into the forest.

 “The thick foliage will shield me,” he murmured through his soft fleshy beak covering his mouth. “I’ll keep moving, mustn’t stop.”

 He kept a steady pace through the trees rarely looking back as he distanced himself from his pursuers. He was travelling now deep into the forest. The direction confirmed by the small bleeping light on his guidance calculator strapped to his wrist.

 This forest is so large, he thought. I could hide here for years if it wasn’t so dangerous. He knew only too well that at night he would be stalked by beasts of the night looking for food. As a Lxeerer he was half human and with his legs looking more like an ostrich, he would be a tasty nocturnal snack.

 He stopped again and turned his head in all directions trying to pick up the sounds of the forest. All was quiet. He needed to know if his pursuers had given up the chase or lost him amongst the trees. The low howl of a beast of the forest distracted him for a moment as he gazed ahead.

 His guidance calculator started to bleep causing him to gaze upon it in horror. A strong beam of bright light cascaded around him from above as his body became paralysed. He tried to run but his legs could no longer function. A slow spiral ascent began into the trees above.

 “No, no!” he exclaimed as he sped past the top of the trees heading for the large circular craft above. They had caught him by pinpointing his wrist calculator.