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Hi, everyone and welcome to my site, as you can see I’m old in the tooth (and still have nearly a full set of nutural nashes). How did I manage that? I stayed away from dentists who wanted to fill or pull everything and even operate. Dentists are like any other business - they need to make a profit and you are their sustenance. I was a teenager in the 1950’s, a very different world from today. In that era it was magnificent in science fiction fantasy and lots of comics, books, and films.

I want to bring the excitement of that period to the readers of today.

Well, folks, sorry to tell you that WW3 is on the horizon but may never happen. There are not many predictions for WW3. Everything is rather hazy but one thing is sure it will all be over very quickly. The first country to strike another’s cities will face the consequences of being totally obliterated from the map of the world. Thus, atomic war will end with small skirmishes.

We will all watch it on TV as we look at a movie, that is if the filmmakers survive the blast.

It is tragic - little boys should not be playing with atomic weapons they should have train sets instead.  


Quotes come fast and furious delivering sensational headlines for newspapers and the internet from certain books. My theories of predictions are that they cannot foretell a fixed date for anything in the future. Events in the next five-hundred years as in the past are completely fluid. Yes, dreams of the future are a fact but the interpretation difficult to realise. If you have ever read the book of Nostradamus, you will find that he did see the future but lived in an age when he could have been put to death by the church for his revelations thus the confused meanings. The book also is written in a foreign language and has to be interpreted, and in that process, upon completion the meanings can be slightly changed. The seekers of today look back five-hundred years and place the historical events into the predictions. In each case there is no time sequence and no dates involved, these are placed there by the modern editors. My theories of the future are in my two non-fiction books.

Why is Scotland in such turmoil? The SNP under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon is promoting a nationalistic fervour on a huge scale. They insist that they must be independent and outside of Great Britain. Even now they are semi-independent, yet their policies ignored in the banner waving hatred of the Conservatives. To me, the Scottish people are proudly independent now within the Union and could make substantial changes if desired. The SNP rhetoric is flawed and in conflict with itself. Independence leaves them as a small country dominated by the EU balancing the Euro like Greece.

What may be the consequences of independence? No nuclear submarines. They would probably move to a new ship building port in Wales. The oil dilemma. Great Britain owns all the oil and therefore only a percentage would be released to Scotland. Well done, Nicola the Roman Emperor Hadrian was the last person to create a border between England and Scotland.   



Opposition politicians created the terms of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ about Brexit. In real terms, these definitions are entirely misleading. Does hard mean difficult negotiations for Britain? Does soft convey discussions that are easy? I doubt whether those two words qualify in meaning.  The problem is that hard has so many meanings - difficult to resolve - difficult to understand - resistant to pressure - demanding - tough - exhausting physical effort.

Soft is also full of meanings - yielding readily to pressure - not demanding or difficult - lenient - conciliatory - easy - gentle.  I doubt that whoever firstly phrased these words did so to create a natural picture in mind. In fact, hard and soft are ambiguous and convey several different meanings. In the referendum, the electorate voted to be in or out of the EU.

Any Brexit negotiations will be ‘hard’ in discussions because it is one against twenty-seven plus an unelected mandarin of bureaucrats in a rigid stance against. The ‘hard’ in this interpretation is correct. The boy wonder of the Liberal Democrats does not use the word ‘hard’ in this context. He means it will be hard for him and his party to come to terms with it.

So why not use the word good and bad?

A good Brexit is one that is hard won, and hard fought, refusing terms that are bad.

A bad Brexit is one that concedes to all EU conditions and legislation including free movement and EU law.

Which would you like from the referendum, a good or bad exit?


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Earlier this year on a recent flight to California travelling on a Boeing 787 a strange personal incident happened. I usually slip off my shoes during the flight and keep them between my two feet. I stood up and walked to the toilet and then returned to my seat. Upon sitting down, I placed my feet on either side of my shoes and gently pressed them together, feeling a sensation in my right foot I raised it gently upwards. The right shoe was as if stuck to my right foot. I moved it up and down several times showing my friend what was happening. I do know that the new aircraft body is I think made of carbon, could this be some static interference?


Yes, a strange incident many years ago proved to me that there is a separation of physical and ethereal substance in the human body. It was an entirely different perspective to that of the physical existence. It was an out of body experience but certainly not as a mirror body as many books describe. To travel in mirror body is dangerous as your breathing changes as you evolve into new vibrations. To me, this was a quantum jump in energy form to another reality. A reality that was not at this time or date.  

It is documented in the Magical theory of life on Amazon Kindle or All interest books.


The election once again has proven that the country is now producing hung parliaments. Voting in 2011 for (FPP) first passed the post or AV (Alternate Vote) the status quo won. AV is a weak alternative to PR. The voters in a constituency where their party came second with a slightly less count cast wasted votes. Yes, in this scenario your vote is a non-entity, unworthy of the effort. If those voters were in a PR (Proportional Representation) country, a percentage of the elected body is reflected as a percentage of the elected body. So suddenly, your vote is meaningful. Is it only right that the elector is rewarded in this way? So, when can we initiate another debate but this time FPP against PR?


What can we do about security?

The hardest question anyone could ask today. How can we protect our beliefs, stop these vile murders, and retain our freedoms and democracy? The answer: within well constructed, believable and acceptable legislation that becomes law. The extremists are at war with the British way of life revealing a wicked hierarchy belief that their God needs them to kill and maim all unbelievers. The religious doctrine is then placed on the internet for all to see and the internet giants find it difficult to suppress. It should be taken off immediately as the radicals are achieving what the WW2 Nazi propaganda never did, brainwashing the young with evil ideology. It is unfortunate but necessary that anyone advising others to kill and others listening should be investigated and assessed by several qualified independent psychologists who must all be in agreement. Communities should fight this devastating evil by reporting any such incidents. Only on assessment on assessment can the danger be realised after the full democratic procedure in front of a Magistrate.

The security forces and police should not need to be afraid of interviewing at a local level without arrest anyone they think has been radicalised. They should never be intimidated by a civil or personal rights media or do-gooder politicians.