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There are three guides to future events - possible - probable - actual.

The future seers /psychics/clairvoyants prophesised 2 world wars which became (actual). The 3rd world war as a future event has not been identified and is still a (probable). Just the advent of weapons of mass destruction has made it a (possible).

In 1914 and the preceding years, there was a huge build up of military power caused by statesmen and generals. There were talks by different leaders of attacks on other countries and the Prussian leaders of Germany were ready for a fight. Imperialism was rife in Europe for new territory and power. The aristocratic and militaristic factions culturally were war orientated and fearful. Because of several disputes the First World War quickly sped through all three guides. On the battlefield WW1 near the end of the war, an English private soldier, pointed his rifle at a fleeing wounded German corporal lowering it when their eyes met. The corporal acknowledged and left unharmed. This undoubtedly created the (probable) guide that helped substantiate the reason and (actual) for the Second World War.

The Man Who Didn’t Shoot Hitler (The Story of Henry Tandey VC and Adolf Hitler, 1918) by David Johnson (The History Press, £9.99 paperback).

The world to come......

The Future, not as yet fully established.

The first guide has been found (possible) by the advent of atomic weapons. The second guide (probable) will only be established by certain conditions of, a country, a person, nationalistic or religious extremism and fervor. The great danger, today, is that some world Governments' will make terrible decisions that will create the (probable). The rulers of western democratic society rely on a voting electorate. One of the flaws of democracy is the mood and feeling of the electorate.

We see this in the passion for green policies and the human rights agenda that are admirable in free countries, but can sway the vote for too much liberalism. Here, a delicate balance can be eradicated allowing democratic and undemocratic countries to be undermined. This should be fought only by trade and business exclusions from the rest of the world. Beware of the dictators who do not allow human rights, but also beware of the rise of the do-gooder who can trigger absurd policies like the prohibition laws of the 1920's in the USA.

Beware of the extremist for if they gain power all hell will be unleashed onto the world. Now is the time to watch out for the religious extremists -ISIS - Al-Qaeda, Boka Haram, to be the most dangerous. Due to the demise of Osama Bin Laden the next leaders will be unnamed and work in the shadows. We all have to watch for these extremists, for if they gain power to rule a country it will be full of hate and venom for all unbelievers. Such a country will be a new power of Religious Nazism. Syria, Egypt, Libya and Pakistan all have to be watched carefully over the next 10 years, and if that country has an atomic arsenal remember that the (probable) will be triggered and only a matter of time until hate brings about the (actual).

It will be one of the swiftest wars ever known with the aggressors being totally annihilated (provided that the USA, Britain and France keep their atomic weapons.) with a billion innocents slaughtered.

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