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Learn about ‘YOU’ PSYCHIC ‘YOU’ The IS IT ‘YOU?’ NAVIGATE https://www.jimlongspaceagent.co.uk I Challenge all you Futuristic thinkers to read this Free Booklet. DOWNLOAD  YOUR FREE COPY NOW FROM FICTION comes NONFICTION OUT OF THE MIND of ROBIN G.  comes a selection of AMAZING STORIES featuring JIM LONG The future QUANTUM EXPLORER

Hi, everyone,

Come read about the quantum universe I have observed in a psychic sense over the past 20 years. The future is space travel and journeys to the inner quantum worlds that encompass the inner realities out of space-time, including the intriguing celestial worlds of the spirit. The free booklets above are an introduction to my books that today are classed as science fiction fantasy. Because of deep concentration, I believe that all writers, sometimes trance-like, are quantum-planing into other worlds.

Because of a remarkable experience I had in earlier years, I now know that the mind is in two realities. There is an outer you and an inner you. The exterior is entirely physical, not allowing any variation. The inner you have fantastic capabilities, sometimes called the sixth sense, capable of great travels. When you pray with deep emotion, you do so to your inner self to correct any problems.

So, with all this in mind, I invite you to read the seven-book

series presenting a new quantum hero of the future, my

creation, Jim Long. The series is a compilation of futuristic

stories in various existences that can only be proven when the quantum factor is revealed. All the books are below, so please read and enjoy.

Author Robin G.